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Edgy Petal jewelry is designed and handmade by Californian artist Lauren Gauger and is the union of what is modern and what is classic; the culmination of two worlds. They offer luxurious semi-precious stones and colorful dyed crystal, hand finished and wire wrapped onto earthy brass and shimmering silver metals.

Some of their special materials include: luminous labradorite, light-infused green quartz and dusky smoky quartz, as well as many other semi-precious stones and interesting materials that they are inspired by.

Founder and head designer, Lauren Gauger, has a deep love for Earth's nature and beauty. Edgy Petal Jewelry is skillfully handmade in our EP studio located in the mountainous, tree-filled wilderness of Northern California.

Please contact us for the password to see their wholesale catalog.

If you have any questions, or want to place an order, contact us by phone: 781-641-0717, fax: 781-646-3970, or email: upbeatcloud9@verizon.net